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6 months ago
Prophaze WAF - the first SDWAF that includes the following:  1) Entire stack is behavioral-based 2) Built on Kubernetes not as a sidecar, but as an ingress controller 3) Cloud WAF supports all public/private/multi/hybrid/service mesh architecture 4) Integrates with more…
11 months ago
There are many products out there that work as a WAF. WAF is not really aware of the application it is securing. There are solutions that block DDoS attacks (it needs a bit of muscle power as well). The other issue is the attack of automated bots in the system. AS of now…
Over 1 year ago
Prophaze WAF,  having a disruptive technology that eliminates false positive and false negatives. Visioned for the future as it's built on the Kubernetes platform. The key thing about the product is, it can do auto profiling and can learn typical user behaviour as part of…

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