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2 months ago
It's simple: cyber resilience is the ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber attacks. And it is certainly the role of the security team.  While business continuity is something that is a part of the backup procedure or DR site that in any case (and not…
6 months ago
In the field of backup applications, there are various solutions. But certainly, Commvault should be ranked at the top of this list. Everything was created “in the house”, they listened to the needs of the clients. What I would emphasize is it is easy to use for users who…
11 months ago
We first need to define what a “next generation” backup is. Now everything is NG, because it is a trend that all new products are called this way. Then comes the question of what needs you have, what kind of backup you need. Is it an on-premise or a Cloud solution. Each of…
Over 1 year ago
Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to immediately say which is the best, because it all depends on the task that the software needs to solve. We have been using Commvault for 4 years and we are completely satisfied.
Almost 2 years ago
It's hard to tell the first ball that is the difference between the two systems. It is best to do a little research, read customer experiences, or look at your real needs. We didn't use Veritas backup, we did some other vendors, but we still decided on Commvault because…

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