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Almost 2 years ago
Answered a question: Is all flash storage SSD?
Solid State Disk is the kind of technology. Like all memory chips used to create a disk with no spinning platters or articulating moving head parts. Then there are different kinds of memory chips used to create a disk. Then there are different modes of accessing the memory…
Over 2 years ago
Pure, EMC, NetAPP, Fujitsu are all in the same Space Ball. "Ludicrous Speed" One needs to look beyond the IOPS when evaluating. Performance also counts in service, support, non-interruptive upgrades. Stopping this technology to perform service is a Ludicrous thing of…
Over 4 years ago
Well the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, In late 2010, NTT's Japan-to-US transpacific network reached 400 Gbit/s. In August 2011, its network capacity was expanded to 500 Gbit. As of 2017, AWS has distinct operations in 16 geographical regions including Japan. So I would…
About 5 years ago
I believe that EMC Data Domain is the best product. But Networker is very good and cost effective. CommVault is also a good product but a bit pricy though. vRanger is the least of the three, you might want to consider using something else. I think technical support…
Almost 7 years ago
Some important criteria's when researching Virtualization Management Tools for me are: Resources needed to install the tools on. The overhead on some of theses tools can be substantial. Agility to configure and monitor quickly the, add, moves, changes. Better…
About 7 years ago
Rackspace offers good services for a good price. I used Rackspace for a test environment I started to created in two years ago. (Link Listed Below) http://www.itcentralstation.com/articles/new-elevation-of-understanding-cloud-based-services I was very satisfied with their…
Over 7 years ago
Both companies are partnering themselves with high-profile partners to help push their competing visions. Cisco is creating multi-purpose switches, firewall and routers, so that an enterprise may not need eight different machines for their Networks and support contracts…
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All-Flash Storage Arrays
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Backup and Recovery Software
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Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS)

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